Injury Free

ThinkFirst and Safe Kids Canada recommend:injury-free

  • Wear the proper helmet for your activity, it can prevent up to 88 per cent of brain injuries when worn properly
  • Encourage kids to learn physical activities from a qualified instructor
  • Ensure that proper safety gear is always worn (by both children and adults)
  • Help your child to learn how to effectively navigate risks
  • Be a role model for safe behaviour, show your child that you always wear a properly fitting helmet and buckle up in the car
  • Keep all potential poisons, such as drugs, vitamins, chemicals, alcoholic beverages, mouth wash, and certain plants, locked up and out of reach
  • Always stay within reach of your child when there is water nearby, young children can drown in seconds in backyard and kiddy pools, bathtubs, sinks, puddles, lakes, and rivers.
  • Keep me safe in the car

For more detailed information: ThinkFirst Canada and SickKids Poison prevention page

Ontario Poison Centre – Telephone: 416-813-5900, Toll free: 1-800-268-9017, TTY: 1-877-750-2233 or 416-597-0215