Eating Healthy

Canada’s Food Guide recommends children under 8 years of age:

  • have 4 -5 servings* of vegetables and fruit daily
  • have 3 – 4 servings* of grain products daily
  • have 2 servings* of milk and alternatives daily
  • have 1 serving* of meat and alternatives daily
  • satisfy their thirst with water rather than juice or sports drinks
  • especially in hot weather or while being active
  • eat a variety of nutritious foods, including foods that are high in “good fats” (e.g., nuts, avocado)
  • limit foods and beverages that are high in calories, trans or saturated fat, sugar or salt (sodium)

For more detailed information, check out Canada’s Food Guide or contact a dietician.

* Check out these pictures to see how much is in one serving

Baby Battle of the Bulge

Babies and children who are chubby will have more fat cells as adults, leading to a life-long battle to maintain a healthy weight. Babies are born with a small number of fat cells. If they have extra fat in their body as they grow, the body creates more and more fat cells to store the extra fat. After puberty, the body can only fill the fat cells it already has, it can no longer make extra fat cells. Babies and children who maintain a healthy weight will have fewer fat cells, making it much easier for them to maintain a healthy weight all their life.